Alexa Skill for your Radio Station

With over 100 million Alexa devices sold worldwide and still growing. Why not create your own Alexa Skill and let users of Amazon Smart speakers easily tune in to your station?

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Get your own Skill

Get your Skill for Amazon Echo Smart Speakers with your custom invocation name like; Alexa, launch {Your Radio Name}. Publication on Amazon Store included and compatible with Amazon Echo & Alexa Devices.


Frequently Asked Questions

How Does It Work?

Create a unique invocation that will bring up your radio stations on Amazon Echo Speakers (e.g. Alexa, play Max Dance Radio). Just provide us with some simple details when we contact you to have your Alexa Skill created and published!

Skill Publication

Your Radio Skill will be published on the Amazon Store and available for Alexa supported devices.

Already Have Stream Hosting With You, Can I Get Alexa Skill Free?

Yes, if you are on our qualifying Shoutcast or Icecast plans that include Free Alexa Radio Skill then you can indeed request Alexa Skill at no additional cost, you can do this via your My NuWeb area by navigating to Add-Ons to order your free Alexa Skill add-on, or simply submit a support ticket and our team will add this for you. However, if you then downgrade your streaming plan to a streaming plan not including the Free Alexa Skill, you will inevitably lose the free skill, you will have the option to purchase the Alexa Skill as a separate monthly service to keep your skill – with the paid Alexa Radio Skill service even if you change stream providers, as long as you continue to pay for your monthly Alexa Skill service the Skill stays available, simply provide us the new stream details so we can update your Alexa Skill.

How Do I Create A Good Invocation?

Your invocation name should be two or more words, and can contain only lower-case alphabetic characters, spaces between words, possessive apostrophes (for example, ”jack’s internet radio”). Abbreviations should be marked as periods, for example, FM is marked as ”f. m.”. All numbers must be spelled out, for example: ”radio sixty two”. Invocation names cannot contain any of the Alexa launch phrases such as ”launch”, ”ask”, ”tell”, ”open”, ”load”, ”begin”, and ”enable”. Wake words including ”Alexa”, ”Amazon”, ”Echo”, ”Computer”, or the words ”skill” or ”app” are not allowed. Learn more

Do I Need To Be Existing Customer?

No, you can order our Alexa Radio Skill even if you do not have any stream hosting services with us, of course if we could tempt you to take stream hosting services with us…that would be even better, and depending on your desired streaming plan, you could get your Alexa Skill free too 🙂

Looking For Radio Stream Hosting Services?

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